Digital Media Group rewarded by Government of India for their best performance during 2018 – 2019 in North Gujarat.

Digital Media Group Awarded by MIT, Govt of India

Digital Media Group rewarded by Government of India for their best performance during 2018 – 2019 in North Gujarat.

It was not long ago when Mrs. Mittal Patel (Managing Director) started her journey against all odd in this industry and today world is seeing her as a person who got guts to bring change in people’s life who are in this industry and want to be the part of it. Creative IT Engineering & Multimedia Institute is a subsidiary of Digital Media Group is on the ladder of success and pins its recognition on people’s mind and got rewarded for their toil on 23rd March in Ahmedabad by Government of India and registered another glittering star in their wall of success.

Recently Annual ATC Meeting conducted by the government of India for the education institution group where 42 from north and 32 south group participated and with this high competition Creative IT Engineering & Multimedia Institute is rewarded Best Appreciation Certificate for the Performance for its commitment for 2018-2019. This huge occasion was organized in The Taste Restaurant and banquets science city road, Sola, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

With exclusive interview with Mrs. Mittal Patel regarding this achievement,I asked about her life from where she was started how she is feeling now. Mrs. Mittal got 10 years of experience as HR is different multinational company where she worked as head hunting specialist before started this stream. She was really happy and take it as mile stone to her success and knot herself to work with more commitment. On this short tenure she really carried this group from bottom to top 10 institution that currently working in the state.

She added, took this route in 2015 which is bold decision to left a job and get herself into the IT Industry and Successfully established herself which led her to spread her education group franchise into the four cities in major city Gujarat.

Creative IT Engineering & Multimedia Institute was established in 2015 with a small team which is headed by the Mrs. Mittal and her Husband Mr. Nikul Patel who is a Founder & CEO of Digital Media Group of Companies, now this institute is spreading it’s branches wildly. DMG Group is providing services in Ahmedabad which is headquarter and apart from that their brand franchise are opened in Surat, Gandhinagar, Vadodara, and other area of Ahmedabad city is well established premises. Actually if we talk specifically this DMG group is cooperate company turned education system which is opened as IT company but DMG group thought it is better to educate candidate with the crisp of what industries need now a days and that’s how they ended up.

Creative IT Engineering & Multimedia Institute is providing short and long terms certified, diploma,and advance diploma courses which is totally prepared on the verge of what international and national customers need and that’s why they are getting the work from all over the globe. So it can be said that they practiced their experience so many time in their tenure so that students get information through sieve from the pile of books. This group is doing lobby so strongly that they drill the relation with 500 company across the globe which they are providing services too and provide 99.9% placement for their students.