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This course is designed for those candidate who want to learn advance MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & Access).

Course Module

Computer Fundamental
  • How to PC start, Log off, Restart, Shut down? What is computer & how it works done?
  • Keyboard introduction
  • Hardware software concept
  • Input and output device, What is booting process?
  • What is Computer Memory? & Types of memory
  • What is Bit, Byte? Measurement of KB, MB & GB
  • What is OS? & Types of OS
  • Introduction of Desktop, Icons, Taskbar, Start Button.
  • How to open & Close any window. Use of maximize, minimize and close button.
  • “Change the Desktop properties( Theme, Background, Window color, Screen saver, Desktop icon, Mouse pointer,” Account picture)
  • Taskbar & start menu properties
  • What is File & folder?
  • Create folder, Open & close method file & folder
  • Rename folder, Delete any file & folder & restore it.
  • Change icon of folder, & also hide unhide of it.
  • Different views in the folder
  • Cut, Copy, Paste options of folder
  • How to set Gadgets? & it’s all options.
  • How to search any file & folder? , Advance Search ( Date vise, Size vise)
  • Control Panel options ( Set single click & double click, Set system date & time, Set Currency formats)
  • What is Briefcase?
  • What is Notepad? (File , Edit, Format, View menu with all its options)
  • What is Paint? ( Home & View tab with all its options)
  • How to start Excel?
  • Introduction of Excel.(Spreadsheet)
  • Use of MS-Excel
  • Difference between workbook and worksheet
  • Information About Excel’s screen components like Formula bar, Cell, Row, Columns, cell address, cell Range
  • What is Formula and how to apply it?
  • Insert sheet, delete sheet, move or copy sheet & also tab color of sheet
  • How to merge more than one Row & Column?
  • Apply function like Minimum, Maximum, Sum, Average in Mark sheet table.
  • Result , Grade function in Mark sheet table
  • Insert Chart of Mark sheet & all its tools
  • Apply Conditional formatting on Text & Numbers
  • Create Bill table
  • How to apply Freeze pane?
  • Group Ungroup effect on Row & Column
  • Create Interest table Yearly, Monthly, Daily
  • Also find interest on multiple amount using Data table
  • Give Protection to worksheet
  • Give Security to workbook
  • Apply Across worksheet
  • Create Electric Bill
  • Create Salary table
  • Create Attendance sheet of student details
  • How to apply Scenario manager?
  • How to convert Text to column?
  • Apply Filter, Advance filter on Text & Numbers
  • Text function
  • Date & time function
  • Numerical function
  • Sum, Sumif, Sumifs, Count, Countif, Countifs
  • Vlookup Function
  • Hlookup Function
Power Point
  • How to start Power point?
  • Introduction of Power point & its uses
  • Different View of Slide
  • How to create New slide & How to apply different-different slide Layout
  • Apply Background to slide
  • Set theme to slide
  • Give slide transition
  • Give custom animation to select picture, text and chart
  • And also remove animation
  • Rehearse timing to all the slides
  • Hide Unhide slide
  • Set custom slide show
  • How to insert header & footer?
  • Create Photo album as a slide show
  • Give Hyperlink to one slide to another or existing file
  • How to insert action button to give hyperlink?
  • Apply Group Ungroup effect to clip-art picture
  • What is Internet?
  • How it works?
  • Various use of internet
  • Supported Brower’s to start internet
  • Search engine (Google) & Download all types of details from Internet
  • What is Mail ID? & How it create? Like YAHOO, GMAIL
  • All options of mail account
  • Use of MAP
  • Free online greetings website
  • Online free message website
  • How to start Word?
  • Introduction of word, Use of word document, & Overview of word.
  • All over view of word by view tab
  • All shortcut keys of word
  • Shortcut keys using menu options. How to set ruler & margin?
  • Line spacing options
  • Using ruler, margin & line spacing options create letter practically
  • How to use Bullets & numbering?
  • Use of Watermark.
  • Use of page border & page color
  • How to insert from clip-art? & all its tools.
  • Also insert picture from file & its tools.
  • Insert shape & how to editing , Formatting to it
  • Insert word art text & all its tools
  • How to insert header & footer?
  • Give different header to different page
  • Start page number to particular page using header & footer
  • How to insert smart art? & also its tools
  • Insert table & its all tools for editing & formatting table
  • Using table tools create mark sheet table for example
  • Insert symbol & give shortcut key to it
  • Insert arrow & how to change arrow direction?
  • Insert Text box & How to hide border of text box?
  • Using arrow, textbox, & clip-art picture give example of it
  • How to apply Drop cap effect?
  • Also apply column effect
  • How to insert table of content?
  • How to insert table of figure?
  • Give protection to document
  • Also give security to document
  • How to insert index using Mark entry?
  • Give hyperlink to exciting file
  • Give hyperlink to in this document using bookmark
  • Create Mail merge
  • Create Format of documentation using all options of word
  • How to start Access?
  • Introduction of Access database & its uses
  • Create table.( Mark sheet, Bill, Fees )
  • How to make change in Table design? How to add or delete Columns?
  • Insert records in tables
  • Explain what is Primary key?
  • What is Form? How to connect table with Form?
  • Create Form of created table
  • Explain design view & visual basic view
  • Write formula in form
  • Also How to run the form
  • Create Report of table using wizard
  • Also create grouping in report
  • Create Query in design view( Make table ,select, update , delete , Append )
  • Run the Query & see result
  • Join tables using Relationship
  • Also give validation in tables
  • Different format of date field
  • What is Outlook? How it is useful.
  • Concept of Outlook Shortcuts like Inbox, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes, Deleted Items Etc.
  • Make use of Calendar & Task
  • Create a Notes, Put it on Desktop
  • Different View of Contacts How to save file In Contacts
  • Use of Inbox, Outbox and Drafts.
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